• Announcing Paris Photo Workshop 2018 $850

    Dates for Fall 2018 Sept 1st - 10th

    Spend 10 days in the city of lights.Get to know this beautiful city through guided walking tours with experienced photographer Gina White. Tuition includes tours off the beaten path to find hidden photographic treasures, & photographic coaching.

    Students are responsible for airfare, transportation, meals, hotel, and incidentals. If you need advice, suggestions on places to stay, or have questions or would like to get updates please leave me a message or email me at gina@ginawhitephoto.com.
    7 students to run. Deposit required

    Deposit Due no later than April 15th, 2018
    Balance Tuition due no later than June 1st, 2018
    Cancellation deadline July 1st. Deposit non-refundable after that date.

    Tuition $850 - Pay Full Tuition - click below ginawhitephoto.com/artwork/3635097_Clic?
    Deposit $500 Pay Deposit - click below - note there is a $35 fee for two payment plan
    Balance Due $385 Pay Balance - click below ginawhitephoto.com/artwork/3635103_Bala?

  • Big News!!

    Big News as we close out the year. The Memories of Paris book is finally done. It is out for proofing as we speak. It will be officially releases Mid January.

    This project has been a labor of love and a long time coming. 13 1/2 years - 7 trips - and thousands of photographs. What an amazing journey it has been. I am happy to see if finally come together and to be able to share it with you.

    You can reserve your copy now by clicking on one of the options below - then click on the price to be make your payment.

    Signed Book

    Signed Book Plus Print

  • Finally

    As of June 1, 2015

    I am an officially self employed fine art photographer & instructor.

    I am very excited to be able to focus my whole being on photography - my passion - my muse.

    I continue to teach at the Photo Centet NW where I have been teaching for over 10 years. I teach beginning black and white analog classes, various alternative & historic process classes - such as lith printing, bromoil. I have partnered with Daniel Gregory to teach the digital negative process, salt printing, platiumum palladium printing.
    This summer I will be teaching a week long alternative process youth workshop in which we will do cyanotype printing & van dyke printing.
    For more info on the Photo Center go to pcnw.org

    I am also very excited to be working with Daniel Gregory with workshops on Whidbey Island this summer - including a 3 day workshop on digital negatives & historic processes and a 2 1/2 day work shop on digital black & white printing. For more info click here
    |http://www.danieljgregory.com/2015workshops/Daniel J Gregory Photography|

    I have also started to offer private instruction sessions both at the Photo Center NW and outside. I am available for sessions on everything from basic camera operations, to basic and or advance black & white analog printing, toning, lith printing, bromoil, salt printing, ....If you are interested please contact me via the contact page on this website.

    Lastly - I now have time to work on my own projects like the book of Paris work I have been photographing for and as of late printing and editing for for 12 plus years. Glad to say it's time has come.

    I would like to say thank you to all those that have supported, taught, encouraged, and commiserated with me along the way. You have all helped me to get here and I am grateful. Thank you

  • Classes, Workshops, News

    Paris Workshop - Sept 7th - 17th
    Registration is NOW OPEN.

    Some highlights - A river tour - Movie sites - Day trip to Versaille - Visit a Roman arena....& Much more

    For more information & registration click here --

    Summer Black & White I at PCNW

    An introductory class for black & white analog photography.
    From manual camera operation - processing film - to printing in the darkroom. We will cover and introduction to the zone system, composition, critique, and a bit of photographic history & theory.

    Just completed a spring class - Digital Alternative Process - digital methods of layering, digital transfers, mixed media techniques including encaustic wax medium, various acrylic mediums, hand coloring.... We had a great time and the final projects were amazing.

  • Coming Soon:

    Winter Quarter at the Photo Center NW
    Digital Negatives, Salt Printing & Platinum Printing Class co-taught with Master Daniel Gregory

    Spring Quarter at the Photo Center NW
    Digital Alternative Process Class co taught with Juan Aguilera
    Will be working with layering images both with in Photo Shop and physically, printing on alternative surfaces, image transfers, mixed media projects.

  • Texture: An Exploration through Lith Printing & Bromoil Class

    Photo Center NW

    Registration Deadline: August 23, 2014 | Scholarship Application Deadline: August 8, 2014

    Class Runs:
    Sept 30–Dec 9 (Tue 6–9pm) FIULL

    Instructor: Gina White

    Moments captured in images often have an impression of texture – physically, emotionally. So, how can we give expression to that texture in a photograph? There are many ways: choice of film, print size, depth of field, but what about beyond that? There are several alternative processes that bring their own textural qualities. In this class we will explore two such processes, lith printing and bromoil. Lith adds texture and color via it’s characteristic chemical reactions. Once mastered, this process can be exploited to give more or less texture to suit the expression. Bromoil, a process that goes back to the early 20th century pictorialist movement, marries traditional analog printing with printmaking. The textural component here varies with the tool chosen to apply the ink to the image. Join Gina this fall as she introduces you to these amazing, versatile processes and learn to apply them in your own work.

    For more info go to pcnw.org/education/classes/electives-su?

  • Paris Photographic Workshop 2014

    April 26 - May 5 2014

    Spend 10 days in the city of lights.Get to know this beautiful city through guided tours with experienced photographer Gina White. Tuition includes tours, off the beaten path treasures, & photographic coaching.
    Students are responsible for airfare, transportation, meals,hotel and incidentals. If you need advice, suggestions on places to stay or have questions or would like to get updates please leave me a message or email me at gina@ginawhitephoto.com. If your on a budget I know some inexpensive but clean and safe places to stay. 10 students to run. Deposit required. Cancellation deadline March 1st. Deposit non refundable after that date.

    *Click Here for additional information & to register *

  • Bromoil Workshop July 13th, 20th, 27th - 12 noon - 4pm

    The Bromoil process is a process popular with the pictorialist movement of the early 20th century. It is a process in which a traditionally printed silver image is bleached away and then replaced with lithographic ink. It’s a marriage of the print making process and photography. The resulting image has a texture and appearance that is unique to the process. A truly handmade image. Join us in this three session workshop to explore this beautiful process.

  • Alternative Digital Printing

    August 10th & 11th - 12 noon - 4pm with Juan Aguilera

    Paper isn’t the only thing to print on! Discover a whole world of digital printing possibilities: learn how to print on transparencies, vinyl, canvas, and wood, and explore new methods for transferring digital images onto diverse surfaces & media. This class is for those looking to explore and stretch their ideas of how an image can be presented.

    Participants will need to purchase supply kits for this workshop provided by Blick on Broadway & Pine in Capitol Hill (date of availability TBD). The estimated cost of the kit is $35.99 per participant (you may even have some leftover materials that you can use after the workshop!). Additional notes will be sent to participants with their workshop enrollment confirmations.

  • Lith Printing Class - Fall 2013

    Eight week lith printing class this fall at the Photo Center NW in Seattle, Washington.

    Fall Quarter - Photo Center NW
    Lith printing process has the ability to produce tones and textures that are impossible to achieve with traditional analog silver printing methods even with the addition of toning. A the variables involved in the process, once mastered that can be exploited to produce new astehtic Add toning and a little thing called second pass lith aka bleach & redevelop and the possibilities are endless. In this class, we will first learn the basic behaviors of the process, then move through a phase of guided experimentation with regards to developers, dilutions, papers. Working with your own images, discover new tools for expression. In the second half of the class we will also explore what a few toners bring to the mix and a class session in second pass lith. Join Gina this fall as she introduces you to this amazing, versatile process. Rental fees (not included in tuition) are charged for use of the Photo Center darkroom to complete assignments outside of class; a list of rental rates for students is available on the Hours/Rates page www.pcnw.org (3 credits)

    Level: Intermediate
    Prerequisites: Photo II Black and White

    Register Now! www.pcnw.org|

  • Photography News

    One of my Paris 2010 images has been chosen for the Annual Fundraising Auction for the Photo Center NW. The Auction will be held in late October. More details to follow soon.

    Development continues for a possible travel photo workshop next spring in Paris. Hope to have finalized all the details in terms of cost, dates, deposit information etc by late Oct. Stay tuned.

    Have been working on a new options and techniques with the digital photo transfers. And yes this fall I am finally biting the bullet and learning Photoshop for real...gotta be able to control the color. But not to worry my heart is still in the good old fashioned darkroom. Lith will continue, film is still my friend, and am investigating tin types. Long live analog!