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"I found the course to be very inspiring and I remain an enthusiastic lith printer today." Brian Gliniak - Lith Printing Class 2010 PCNW

"One of the best photography classes I’ve ever taken is Lith Printing with Gina White at Photographic Center Northwest. Lith printing is just plain fun. Yeah, you have to develop your prints for a LOT longer than a regular gelatin silver print, but when the shadows start to develop and things start happening fast it’s just crazy cool". - Neil Enns - Lith Printing Class 2007

"For you friends and students of Gina's who may be considering her trip Paris to study photography and the city this Spring.... I can say for myself I had a BLAST! Would love to travel back to Paris again with Gina at anytime!" - Kay Ramming - Paris Workshop 2012

"The Paris workshop was honestly one of the most memorable experiences I had in a while. I've been scouring through history books on Paris, which by the way make appreciate even more the places you showed us. I didn't realize the Pont Neuf was pivotal in making Paris, well Paris....." John Suciu Paris Photo Workshop 2014

More to come.....